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Bert the Dragon Helps Kids Learn about Dental Care

Bert the Dragon is hygienist Camille Fagadore’s best friend when it comes to educating Seacoast children about oral hygiene.

Fagadore is a school-based dental hygienist who visits local schools to talk about dental hygiene and provides dental services to Seacoast students who otherwise would not receive care.

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Treating the Whole Person with Care and Respect

When Marc first approached the Mobile Health Clinic in Rochester, he could quickly see how patients were being greeted and it wasn’t what he expected. He thought he’d have a brief visit and a pat on the back, but it was so much more than that.

“I was very impressed,” he said. “You could tell they cared about their patients. The service was incredible.”

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Community Health Nurse Chosen for Statewide Panel

Nurse Deneige takes a patient's blood pressure.

In recognition of the quality of our Hepatitis C program, Deneige Hudanish, RN, was chosen for a 10-person statewide panel working to improve the state’s strategies to eliminate viral hepatitis and to ensure that people who inject drugs are included in the plan. Read more…

Integrated Health Services Make a Difference for Patient

As a long-time patient, Betty is well-known by many of the organization’s staff members. She appreciates the organization’s integrated health services and she has received primary care, asthma care, diabetes care, and dental care providers. Betty says she feels like the organization is one big family where she is listened to and has her needs met. Read more. . .

Care Coordinator Returns to Dream Job

Social Worker Lisa LeBlanc talks to a patient outside the mobile health van.

In 2022, social worker Lisa LeBlanc rejoined the Greater Seacoast Community Health team for her dream job as the Mobile Health Care Coordinator. She originally started with Families First in 2015 and after a brief departure, Lisa found that her heart was truly in community health care and chose to return. Read more. . . 

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