Somersworth High Health Center

Somersworth High School Health Center

Goodwin Community Health is opening a health center in Somersworth High School. The Somersworth High Health Center is operated by Goodwin Community Health and will offer high-quality, whole-person healthcare to High School students with written parental consent.

Through the High School Health Center, students can receive more care right at school, so they don’t have to leave school, and you don’t have to leave work. 

Types of services:

  • Walk in care for illness and injury
  • Primary care (physicals, health appointments)
  • Behavioral Health (Counselling and mental health appointments) 

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my student is below 18 years old?
All students, regardless of age, need a signed consent form to receive services.

Can a parent or guardian attend appointments?
Yes, parents and guardians are welcome to attend appointments.

What if we already have a primary care provider?
Your student or child can still receive care from the Somersworth High School Health Center. We will coordinate with your care provider. 

How is payment handled?
If the student is
covered by insurance, we will bill that company. If they do not pay the claim, we will bill the parent or guardian for the services.

What are the hours?

Primary Care:
Mon, Thurs, Fri from 12-4pm

Behavioral Health Care:
Available 3 days a week


Options for enrollment will be shared via PowerSchool along with additional information.

Questions about the new health center? Contact us

  • Email: or
  • Call: (603) 617-2750
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Now through January 15th, 2024
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