Lilac City Pediatrics in Somersworth & Portsmouth

Mitchell Pivor, MD FAAP

Lilac City Pediatricians at New Locations

As of Oct. 10, 2022, Dr. Mitchell Pivor from Lilac City Pediatrics in Rochester is practicing at Goodwin Community Health in Somersworth, in a beautiful new space designed just for pediatric care.

Goodwin Community Health 
311 Route 108
Somersworth, NH 
(603) 749-2346

Dr. Danette Colella, who had been practicing at both Lilac City Pediatrics and at Families First in Portsmouth, is now practicing at Families First exclusively.

Families First Health & Support Center 
8 Greenleaf Woods Drive
Portsmouth, NH
(603) 422-8208

Pediatric Care and More

Pediatric patients and families will find the quality care they received at Lilac City Pediatrics, plus access to many other services:

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About Lilac City Pediatrics

Opened by Dr. Walter Hoerman in 1996, Lilac City Pediatrics has been a staple in the Rochester community for years. The dedicated staff have been providing outstanding service to families, helping them grow and stay healthy and happy. In August of 2018, Lilac City Pediatrics joined Greater Seacoast Community Health. In October 2022, the Lilac City location in Rochester closed, and two of the pediatricians who had been there moved to other Greater Seacoast locations, as explained above.

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We will have a delayed opening at 9:15am on Wednesday 9/14/22