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3 Ways to Message Us

The staff at your community health centers in Portsmouth and Somersworth are always glad to hear from you and to offer the convenience of getting in touch online. Please choose one of the following methods, depending on why you are reaching out to us.

To Contact our Office or Your Health Care Team

For questions related to your health, health care or appointments, please use the Patient Portal or call your health center (phone numbers listed at end of page). 

To protect your privacy and make sure your message gets to the right place in a timely way, please DO NOT use the form at the end of this page to contact our office or your health care providers. It is not intended for patients to use.

When we are closed, you can always reach a nurse by calling your health center and listening to instructions. Learn more about how to reach us after hours.

To Get Info About Becoming a Patient

Looking for info on becoming a patient? Visit our “For Patients” section. If you have questions after reading this information, you will be able to send a message from those pages.

For Other Inquiries (Not Time-Sensitive)

Before using this form, please make sure that your question or comment …

  • Is not intended for your health care team or office staff. (See above for how to reach them.)
  • Is not time-sensitive. In most cases, you will receive a response within three business days.
  • Does NOT include personal health information (such as medical information, medical questions, prescription refill requests, questions about appointments, etc.). This form is not secure and will not protect your privacy!

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We will have a delayed opening at 9:15am on Wednesday, June 7th. 

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