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Thank you for contributing to the Weekly Update. Items submitted by Tuesday at 2 p.m. will be included in the Weekly Update that is emailed to all staff every Wednesday at noon.
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Pease keep this short and sweet to make it easier for staff to read. If you have more info to share than can fit in this format, see instructions under "Place to find more information." Items are subject to editing for clarity and brevity. Write so that your message will be understood by ALL staff: Use complete sentences, not shorthand, and explain any terms, abbreviations or acronyms that not everyone knows.
Boxes for bullet points are large for your convenience, but, again, we are going for short and sweet -- a sentence (or two at most) for each bullet point, please!
Use this space to add web links and/or network locations where *all* staff can view more information. You can always put documents in this location and link from there: N:\Staff Info\Staff Updates\Weekly Updates\Attachments.


This will not be published. You will receive a reply from one of the Weekly Update editors: Margie Wachtel and Kaitlin Rice.
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