GSCH Employee Newsletter Archives

In addition to the topics listed below, every newsletter includes: New Employees, Mark Your Calendar (events for you and your family), Pass it On (programs to tell clients about), Staff Work Anniversaries, in the News, and Linking You Up.

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April/May 2022

Behavioral Health Team Intro & Fun Facts … 2021 Impact Report … Renovations at Somersworth

Feb/March 2022

New Home for Families First … Email Signature Checkup … SOS Now On-Site at Families First … WIC Team Intro & Fun Facts … Directors on Call, Parking, Clutter … Staff News: Dr. Zent’s Award

December 2021 / January 2022

SOS Team Intro & Fun Facts … You Can Help with Recruitment … Staff Updates

October 2021
Meet our new Chief Operating Officer … We Love Our Medical Assistants … TIC Corner … Meet the HR Team … Staff Updates

August 2021
Meet the Family Center Team…Trauma Informed Care…Staff Portal for all your questions

June 2021
A New Home for Families First…Intake Packets, Websites Translated…Meet the IT Team…Hosting Our 1st Dental Resident…Mandatory Attendance of All-Staff Meetings

The employee newsletter was not published between March 2020 and May 2021 due to the pandemic. Staff Updates were used during this time.

February 2020

WIC Chosen for Choose Signs, Act Early Program…Relative Recharge Program Featured on CBS News…Out of Office Emails and Writing Checks in 2020…Employee of the Month Shannon DeLee

January 2020

Meet the SOS Team…Staff Attend Homelessness Vigil…Employee of the Month Cindy Connell…Two newly licensed Independent Clinical Social Workers

December 2019

SOS Opens Hampton Office…Beyond Self Care…Health Care as a Basic Right…Giving Toothsday & Spinning Generosity…Employee of the Month Shannon Gillan…Four Agreements of Trauma Informed Care

November 2019

BH team expands…Meet the Outreach and Enrollment Team…Self Care Forum…Halloween Contest Winners…Employee of the Month Lisa Zhe…Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES)…Flu Clinics

October 2019

Get the 4-1-1 on the Social Work Team … Employee of the Month Mike Vinci … Committees You Can Join … Legendary Patient Experiences (Part 3/6) 

September 2019
Our New(ish) HR Director … Handy Web Page #1: … Employee Honors: Moving to Monthly … Handy Web Page #2: ADP … Get the 4-1-1 on Strafford County Public Health Network … Legendary Patient Experiences … TIC Community of Practice

August 2019
Introductions and Congratulations (Tim H., Kendall, Conor) | Focus and Fun Facts: Accounting Team | “The Single Greatest Public Health Threat” (Trauma-Informed Care Community of Practice) | Legendary Patient Experiences (Part 1/6)

July 2019 (no newsletter)

June 2019
New OT Club for Patients | Building an Inclusive Health Center | Feel-Good Photo Ops | Nipping “Reply All” in the Bud | Fun Facts: Billing Department | Service Excellence Reminder: CAN do

May 2019
Feel-Good Photo Ops | The 411 on Billing | Are You Part of the Problem? (voicemail greetings) | Neurologist coming on site | Fun Facts: Marketing & Development Department | Service Excellence Reminder: Problem Solving | TIC Corner: Getting Involved

April 2019
Good News Roundup | Our New Vision Statement | ADP Home Page Helps Keep Track | 1 Door to All Our Websites | Our Newest Service: Acupuncture | Tackling Communication Problems |  Declaring We’re Recovery Friendly

March 2019 (no newsletter)

February 2019
Notable Volunteers, Lilac City Pediatrics Expands Services, Employee of the Quarter, Letter to Staff: Patient Experience, TIC Corner (Say This, Not That)

January 2018 (no newsletter)

December 2018
Letter to Staff: Patient Experience, Our New Org Chart, An Author Among Us, School Dental Programs Shine in Fundraiser, TIC Corner (Keeping Your Cup Full)

November 2018
Are Space Heaters Allowed at Work?, Five Trauma-Informed Ways to Work, Caring for an Angry Client

October 2018
Our Clinical Volunteers, Our Pharmacy, TIC Corner (Using Trauma-Informed Language), Service Excellence Reminder (Having a Can-Do Attitude)

September 2018
MAT Gets a New Name, E-Signature Reminder, TIC Corner, Email Etiquette

August 2018
New Mission Statement, Let’s Get on the Same Page with E-Signatures, Trauma-Informed Care Corner (Emotional Triggers in the Workplace), Service Excellence Reminder