You can quit using nicotine. We can help.

If you are interested in quitting nicotine products (cigarettes, vaping, cigars, smokeless tobacco, etc.), your provider can refer you to our Nicotine Cessation Program for help and support. 

Please call our tobacco cessation specialist with any other questions:
(603) 841-2348

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the program, and how does it work?
When your provider refers you to our Nicotine Cessation Program, a tobacco cessation specialist will call to schedule an intake conversation (30-45 mins). The intake call includes screening questions, and review of treatment options. Any medications which need to be sent to your pharmacy will require approval from your primary care provider. A follow up appointment will be scheduled to check in on your treatment plan (15-30 mins). Follow up sessions will include counseling around quitting, coping skills, and nicotine addiction education. Intake and follow up sessions are all via phone.

Will my insurance cover this?
Most insurance plans cover the intake and counseling sessions. Check with your particular insurance for copays and other potential charges. Medicaid and Medicare cover these visits. Every insurance differs with coverage of nicotine replacement therapies (NRT) which include forms of nicotine patches, gum, and lozenges. Most Medicaid plans cover NRT. Medicare does NOT cover NRT. Other insurance carriers should be outreached to verify coverage.

I have Medicare, how can I get NRT without paying out of pocket?
Our tobacco cessation specialist can submit a state program referral with you over the phone. If approved, you may be able to get all NRT scripts sent to your home for free.

Is there a limit to the amount of sessions I can have?
The program has no limit of sessions, but you may need to check with your insurance if they have a limit for coverage.

Is this program open to people under the age of 18?
Yes. Due to laws regarding substance use confidentiality, a person under 18 does not need a guardian to be a part of this treatment program, but we find the support of guardians to be very helpful and lead to more success. NRT is not FDA approved for persons under the age of 18, but is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics with guardian and primary care provider consent.

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