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Get Help with Health Insurance in New Hampshire

Our community health centers in Portsmouth and Somersworth accept most private insurance plans, Marketplace plans, NH Medicaid, MaineCare and Medicare. (See complete list of insurances accepted.) Our certified application counselors can help you get covered.

You will not be turned away for not having insurance. If you are not able to get insurance, you may apply for a discount a discount based on your income.

Are You at Risk of Losing Your Medicaid Coverage?

If you have been on Medicaid and didn’t complete a redetermination when it was due, you are at risk of losing your coverage after March 31, 2023 (more information here). To keep this from happening, you must update your information now. There are three ways to do this: 1) log into your online account; 2) complete forms that the State of NH sent to the address in their records; or 3) contact our enrollment counselors for help. 

Get Help Finding Your Health Insurance

Our staff can help you:

  • determine your eligibility for health insurance plans
  • go through the application process
  • understand when to enroll in or make changes to your health insurance coverage

To talk with our health insurance Certified Application Counselors:

Preparing for Your Health Insurance Application

Our Certified Application Counselors can help you prepare for and complete online and in-person applications.

Please bring the following to your meeting with the enrollment counselor

  • Social Security numbers
  • Birth dates
  • Pay stubs, W-2 forms, or other information about your family’s income
  • Most recent tax returns (if any)
  • If you are enrolling in a Marketplace plan for the first time, bring your cell phone to receive email, or your email address and email account password, so we can activate your account for
  • Policy/member numbers for any current health coverage
  • Immigration documents for any eligible immigrants who are eligible for health coverage
  • Information about any health coverage from a job that’s available to you or your family (even if you don’t take the insurance). Use the Employer Coverage Tool.
  • Employers’ names, phone numbers and addresses, for all household members
  • Home and mailing addresses for everyone applying for coverage

For new applications and renewals, please bring:

  • Your written estimate of household income for 2023, including all sources of income and amounts. Write down how you figured this out! You may want to use this tool to calculate your yearly income. An accurate estimate will help you get the correct tax credit – not too little and not too much. (If too much, you may have to pay some back to the government.)
  • If you have a household member who has access to insurance at work, complete this employer coverage tool.
  • List of the medications you and other household members take, providers you see, and hospital you prefer. This will assist in choosing the plan that best covers your needs.
  • If you lost your health insurance in the past six months, bring your loss-of-insurance letter and the insurance card for the plan that you lost.

If you have had Affordable Care Act insurance before and are renewing, please also bring:

  • Your email address and password. Having this will allow you to best use your time with the enrollment counselor to set up your coverage for next year. If you don’t have it, you can set up an account or retrieve your login info at, or call 1 (800) 318-2596.
  • Notices from your current plan that include your plan ID#
  • Your Medicaid card
  • Your username, password and secret question if you know them.

When Can I Enroll?

If you are eligible for Medicaid, you can enroll at any time.

Open Enrollment for Marketplace insurance for 2023 has ended, but you may be able to enroll during a Special Enrollment Period.

A Special Enrollment Period allows you to make changes to your health care coverage outside of the normal open enrollment period. You may qualify if you’ve had certain life events (known as “qualifying events”) including:

  • Losing health coverage
  • Moving
  • Getting married
  • Having a baby, or adopting a child

If you’ve experienced any of these “qualifying events,” contact our staff about getting insured within 60 days of the qualifying event. You may also qualify if you meet certain income guidelines.

What Health Insurance Coverage Am I Eligible For?

Here is information about Granite Advantage (a.k.a. Expanded Medicaid) and Marketplace plans. All coverage plans help pay for regular checkups, prescription drugs, ER visits, hospital stays, special visits, mental healthcare, and substance use disorder treatment.

Granite Advantage Health Care Program

This program is for non-disabled adults (ages 19-64) residing in New Hampshire whose incomes are below certain levels. (Note: Adults with disabilities are eligible for a different Medicaid plan.) You may apply at any time during the year. Once enrolled, you will pay little or nothing for your medical appointments at our health centers, specialty care, hospital services, prescriptions, blood work and other tests.

NH Medicaid coverage is provided through NH Healthy Families, WellSense Health Plan or AmeriHealth Caritas. Learn how to apply for assistance.

The Health Insurance Marketplace was created to provide affordable health care plans for as many Americans as possible. All insurance plans offered through the Marketplace are required to cover doctor visits, hospitalizations, maternity care, emergency room visits, prescriptions, mental health and substance abuse services, and more. You can even get dental insurance through the Marketplace. Financial assistance may be available for those who qualify.

The Health Insurance Marketplace has open enrollment periods near the end of each calendar year. It is very important to meet with someone who can help you enroll during this open enrollment period.

You may be eligible for a Granite Advantage or Marketplace insurance plan if your estimated household income for 2023 is in the range below:

Family SizeGranite AdvantageMarketplace
1<$1,677 per month$18,760-$54,360 per year
2<$2,268 per month$25,270-$73,240 per year
3<$2,859 per month$31,790-$92,120 per year
4<$3,450 per month$38,295-$111,000 per year
5$4,041 per month$44,810-$129,880 per year
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Please Understand …

We are experiencing continued staffing shortages and adjusting to a recent upgrade to our technology to serve you better. This may affect wait times and access to some services. Please be patient and kind with our staff, both on our phones and in our centers. We are doing our very best to serve you. Thank you.