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Payment and Billing at New Hampshire Health Centers

Thank you for choosing our community health centers in Portsmouth and Somersworth. Our team at Goodwin Community Health and Families is committed to providing high-quality, affordable health care to everyone – insured or uninsured, all income levels.

This page summarizes patients’ financial responsibilities for care and services received. For more details, please see Greater Seacoast Community Health Financial Policies.

If you have questions, contact the Billing Department at (603) 749-2346 or by email.

Want to Pay Your Bill Online?

Reduce Bills if You are Uninsured or Underinsured

We can help you reduce your bills in two ways:

Payment Expectations

Payment is expected when services are received unless a third party (such as an insurance company) will be billed. Co-pays, deposits and fees will be accepted at check-in. If your visit is not going to be covered by insurance, our staff will tell you in advance the amount you need to bring to your visit, depending on where you fall on the sliding-fee scale. If you cannot pay this when you check-in, you may be asked to reschedule. 

When you check out, our staff will inform you of any outstanding balance. If payment cannot be made at the time of service, you will be billed for the balance. You may set up a payment plan with a minimum of $10 per month on any balance.

Balances and Payment Plans with Our Health Centers

At our local community health centers, care comes first. This means you can receive care even if you have an outstanding balance, or when you think you can’t afford it. We will work with you to create payment plans so you can address your balance as you are able. Minimum payments are as little as $10 a month.

Patient accounts that are 120 days overdue will be sent to a collection agency. You can avoid this by making a payment plan for any balance due.

To set up a payment plan or ask questions, contact the Billing Department at (603) 749-2346 or by email.

Health Care in Cases of Extreme Hardship

Part of our mission is to provide access to care, regardless of ability to pay. Don’t let extreme hardship – such as experiencing homelessness or having a lot of medical bills – discourage you from getting the care you need. In cases of extreme hardship where payment is not possible, we may be able to waive fees. If this is your situation, we will have you meet with a social worker or care coordinator, who will help you document your circumstances and also offer additional support and resources.

More Info About Financial Policies

Please see our Patient Financial Policies. This is posted on the current GetCommunityHealth site – link will need to be updated later) for more information. The policies cover:

  • Information for Insured Patients (medical insurance, dental insurance)
  • Information for Uninsured Patients (Sliding-Fee Discount Program, Medical Self-Pay Patients, Dental Self-Pay Patients)
  • Information for All Patients (Payment Plans, Collections, Medical Care and Tests Outside of our health centers)
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