Mary Lynn Fahey, PhD, DNP, ARNP

Family Nurse Practitioner


Simmons College (DNP); Endicott College (PhD)


Family Nurse Practitioner


American Nurses Credentialing Center

Dr. Fahey holds a PhD from Endicott College in Beverly, Mass., and a MSN and DNP from Simmons College in Boston. Her doctoral research focused on the experience of fathering a child with autism spectrum disorder diagnosis and the challenge of self-care. Dr. Fahey has more than 20 years’ experience as a Family Nurse Practitioner. She has experience in family practice and emergency medicine working in urban and rural communities. Dr. Fahey is currently the Director of the family Nurse Practitioner program at Northeastern University in Boston and incorporates scholarly work and science of teaching and learning research into her academic practice. She has been a Northeastern University faculty Scholar and Online Course Design Fellow.

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