Charity LaFrance, MS

Behavioral Health Specialist


Plymouth State University

Charity received her master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in December of 2021 following a 12-month internship with HealthFirst Family Care Center in the Lakes Region of NH. She then worked in central NH within a group counseling setting where her passion developed for working with individuals of all ages experiencing life adjustments ranging from grief and loss, school transitions, or healing from traumatic events. Upon starting to practice at Families First in January 2024, Charity said she was happy to continue working with clients in the integrated healthcare setting, as well as to return to her home region of the Seacoast. “I believe deeply in the model of integrated health, as it can be difficult to treat one ‘part’ of an individual’s experience.” She says. “I feel I am well-equipped to meet with my patients with a more holistic approach with the support of Greater Seacoast Community Health organization as a whole.” Charity’s clinical supervisor is Karen Frarie, LICSW, MLADC.

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