Ellyn Schreiber, LCMHC

Child Development and Infant Mental Health Specialist


Antioch Graduate School of New England and The Center for Early Relationship Support at Jewish Family & Children’s Services


Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Ellyn Schreiber, LCMHC, comes to the role of Child Development and Infant Mental Health Specialist at Families First and Goodwin Community Health with more than 30 years of experience in early childhood, mental health and child development. Throughout her career, she has remained focused on prevention and early intervention, promotion of wellness and supporting vulnerable children and their families. Her previous roles include Director of the Children’s Intervention Program at Riverbend Community Mental Health Center and almost 20 years as the Director of Early Childhood Services at Community Bridges, Greater Merrimack County’s designated area agency for developmental services. She has extensive experience in clinical and administrative realms and advanced training in the areas of early identification of developmental concerns, addressing trauma and attachment issues and supporting parent-child relationships.

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