Behavioral Health Services in Portsmouth & Somersworth, NH

Behavioral Health counselor
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Our community health centers in the Seacoast region of New Hampshire believe in integrated care or treating the whole person. That’s why we offer behavioral health care and mental health services to our primary-care patients. We have a behavioral health counselor on site whenever we are open.

Counselors help patients manage health conditions including anxiety, depression, life transitions, substance misuse, diabetes and other chronic illnesses. They also support patients in making changes such as improving diet and exercise habits or reducing substance misuse. Counseling is available for children (ages 8 and up), teens and adults who are primary-care patients at Goodwin Community Health or Families First.

Behavioral health care with us starts with you discussing it with your primary care provider. Ask your primary-care provider to refer you to a counselor.8

Beyond Counseling: Other Behavioral Health Services

In addition to counseling, our behavioral health services include:

  • Integrating with your primary care team. It’s unique and very beneficial to have your primary care and behavioral health teams collaborating around your care and in one location.
  • Care that tends to be shorter-term and oriented towards treatment goals that the patient identifies. If needed, we are very helpful and resourceful in connecting you with longer-term and more specialized care.
  • A Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, to give you access to treatment for mental health conditions that goes beyond what most primary-care practices can provide.
  • Access to Medication-Assisted Recovery for addiction (also known as Medication- Assisted Treatment). Learn more about Medication-Assisted Recovery at Families First and Goodwin.
  • The choice of in-person or telehealth (phone and video) visits. If you would like a telehealth visit, please let us know when you are scheduling your appointment.
  • Nicotine Cessation Program for patients who are interested in quitting nicotine products. Your provider can refer you to this program for help and support. 

Visit our Forms page to find the Behavioral Health Informed Consent form.

Visit our Telehealth for Behavioral Health page for helpful tips about phone and video counseling visits.

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