Medication-Assisted Recovery

How Medication-Assisted Recovery Works

Opioid addiction is a serious and common problem in our community. Our community health centers in Somersworth and Portsmouth offer Medication-Assisted Recovery (sometimes called Medication-Assisted Treatment) for adults experiencing addiction to opioids.

Qualified providers at our health centers can prescribe buprenorphine/naloxone, Sublocade (extended-release injectable Buprenorphine), and Vivitrol (extended release naloxone). These medications can decrease cravings and withdrawal symptoms, which helps the patient focus on other aspects of their recovery plan. While these medications won’t cure opioid addiction, they can help you develop healthy and effective skills to be free and rid of opioids entirely.

Patients in the Medication-Assisted Recovery program are monitored closely while participating in an individualized treatment plan created by their provider and care team. Patients will also be encouraged to maintain additional treatment and recovery support, such as:

  • participating in a 12-step program
  • having therapy with a licensed alcohol and drug counselor (LADC)
  • attending meetings and/or meeting regularly with a recovery coach.

How do I participate in the Medication-Assisted Recovery Program?

Learn more about participating in the Medication Assisted Recovery program by contacting our recovery teams:

  • Goodwin Community Health Center in Somersworth, NH: Call (603) 516-2758
  • Families First Health and Support Center in Portsmouth, NH: Call (603) 605-3168

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost varies and is determined by insurance and income level.

This depends on the needs of the patient. Your provider will closely monitor your progress on these medications and will provide individualized care based on their evaluation. Patients can expect to be seen, on average, 30 times a year.

Yes, free Narcan samples and other harm-reduction supplies are available to patients and non-patients during normal business hours.

Three medications are used:

  • Suboxone is a dissolvable medication that is taken daily under the tongue or inside your cheek. Suboxone is generally prescribed in combination with regular participation in behavioral health counseling or other recovery supports.
  • Sublocade is an extended-release injectable form of Buprenorphine, administered once monthly. Sublocade continually releases Buprenorphine throughout the month, while sustaining a therapeutic level of Buprenorphine.
  • Vivitrol is an injection of long acting naltrexone, which is an opioid receptor blocker, administered every 28 days. Vivitrol is generally prescribed in combination with regular participation in behavioral health counseling, or other recovery support.
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