Resilience & Hope for Employees

None of us has been trained to perform, work, or live in a sustained crisis. But that is the situation we find ourselves in during the time of Covid. To help staff through this crisis, Greater Seacoast Community Health has contracted with Resilience & Hope, which specializes in professional wellness for providers and caregivers. They will provide us with a variety of supports and education in an effort to provide something that works for every employee. All services are free, and you will be paid for your time when you participate in anything that takes place during the work day.

 >> Learn more about Dr. Elizabeth Tracy, Dr. Andrea Kolgin, and their Resilience & Hope model.

Read on to learn what is being offered.

Monthly Professional Wellness Meeting

Trauma-Informed Professional Wellness Strategies (TIPS) meetings will provide psychoeducational information focused on coping during COVID crisis, supporting patients and clients while depleted, managing ongoing stress, working during a crisis and maintaining professional wellness. Information will range from general to role-specific. Focus is on supporting professional wellness and planting seeds for long-term recovery post-COVID. Each month will have a theme.

Who: All staff

When: Standing monthly meeting, schedule TBA, during work hours. Will be offered once or twice a month.

Where: Online

How: Date, time and Zoom info will be posted on ADP Home page and sent by email. Advance signup not needed. Come to any or all meetings.

Department or Small-Group Meetings

Meetings tailored to specific roles, needs or concerns, scheduled as needed and upon request.

Who: Small groups of employees


When: Scheduled as needed


Where: Online or in person


How: Department or group leaders should contact to plan and schedule a meeting that meets your group’s needs.

Individual, Confidential 1:1 Meetings

All employees can set up confidential sessions for either acupuncture, behavioral health medicine (consultation) or a combination of both.

Resilience & Hope will assess the needs of employees, assist with problem solving and provide support for any professional or personal situation. The goals of the individual sessions are to help reduce overall stress and stress related symptoms such as sleep, fatigue, irritability, difficulty concentrating and support those in recovery etc.  Support/consultation appointments and acupuncture are available days, evenings and Saturdays in their Dover office. Support/consultation appointments are also available virtually.

If appropriate, Resilience & Hope will facilitate a referral to longer-term counseling using employee’s insurance benefit. Leadership can use 1:1 for consultations about groups, COVID recovery, supervisory issues etc. 

Who: All employees, individually or may choose to do this together in a small group.

When: Scheduled as needed

Where: Online or in person

How: Contact to schedule a session

Confidentiality: All legal limits of confidentiality and mandated reporting laws are in effect. No information obtained during these meetings about individual employees/situations will be disclosed. General themes or areas of concern will be shared as appropriate in final leadership meeting.

Auriculotherapy (needle-less acupuncture)

Press-balls and ear seeds to assist with relief of physical and emotional symptoms, promoote wellness, reduce stress, and/or promote relaxation. Learn fromthe Chinese Medicine approach to replenishing your body and getting it to absorb more nutrients.

Who: All employees

When/Where: 2 hrs/wk at 2 different GSCH locations for 3 months, plus 2 hrs/wk at Resilience & Hope office in Dover. Schedule TBD and will be posted on ADP home page. Application takes 5-10 minutes for each employee

How: Drop in at one of the scheduled on-site sessions or sign up for an off-site, after-hours session by contacting

Confidential Email

Use this to request information, schedule a confidential appointment, or ask questions. Emails will be seen only by Dr. Tracy and Dr. Kolgin.

Who: Any employee

When: Anytime

How: Write to

Wellness Newsletters and Resource Library

Newsletters related to themes/topics addressed during monthly support meetings will be shared via email. 

The resource library will include relevant and timely information about coping, both personally and professionally, with stressful moments. Examples: tips for working with patients and families and communicating effectively, especially during times of adversity; and Traditional Chinese Medicine acupressure point information for relief of such symptoms as stress/anxiety, headaches and fatigue, 

How: Emails will come to you from Resilience & Hope.